With Thézame Barrême: Anti-portraits to speak or sing

“I hate the use of the word ‘portrait’”, insisted Alice Neel, painter of the anti-portrait. Like her, we shall be making anti-portraits, but with words. Which we shall speak. Or sing. Like her, we shall resonate with what we feel. And put all of it into a precise framework. Like her, we shall be curious, delicate and tender in order to learn and play. And dare. And look at what does not show itself in a normal portrait: a scar, perhaps, or a heavy heart; a hidden beauty or strength; a routine violence; a poetic, political or sentimental nudity. Everything that makes us what we are and makes us get on in life.  Men, women and children. Inside-outside. Outside-inside.

At the end of the course, we will record our compositions. These will be turned into a CD in a professional studio and a copy sent to each participant. 

Thézame Barrême is a French artist, singer-songwriter, performer and writer. She teaches songwriting at the music and drama academy Cours Florent Musique and has written texts for numerous artists. She also designs and leads writing workshops.



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