Lecture: Art through the eyes of… Manuel Fadat

Manuel Fadat is a French art historian, critic and curator. He’s been teaching, writing and conducting project with Ecolint (Geneva) for several years.

Through the lecture, he gives his perspective and thoughts on the exhibition “My cartography: the Erling Kagge collection”.
The 36 minutes lectures has been devided in three parts.
It is held in French but English subtitles are available by clicking on the “CC” button of the vimeo player.

► First part: Stars don’t stand still, 17 min

In this first part Manuel Fadat strats by giving his thoughts on the collection as an ensemble. Afterwards, he analyses the facinating work of Américan artist Ian Cheng (*1984). Cheng combined studies in both cognitive science and art, and his work draws upon neuroscience and consciousness research to create artworks that develop some form of “agency.” His work raises profound ethical and philosophical questions about technology, which of course relates to the social and political spheres. This brings to mind Jacques Ellul, Gilbert Simondon and Bernard Stiegler, who investigate these questions.

Second and thrisd part coming up soon…