Complicity (2020)

Exhibition catalogue Complicity (27.06 – 13.09.20)

Photographs from Roberto Donetta (1865-1932)

Works by Natsuko Uchino, Rose Lowder, Cyprien Gaillard and Vincent van Gogh

Floral interventions by Marie Varenne and Provençal ex-votos


In Donetta’s photographs nothing seems frozen. Looking at them there is a feeling of beginning. The characters, scenes, objects and atmospheres seem clear and free of the weight of unnecessary information, and captured with a tenderness equal to the beauty of the compositions.

While the complicity between Donetta and those around him shape his photographs, complicity also happens to be the essence of this exhibition, conceived with the artist Natsuko Uchino, the film-maker Rose Lowder and the florist Marie Varenne alongside works by Cyprien Gaillard, Provence’s ex-votos and a painting by Vincent van Gogh.

Thanks to this catalogue, the exhibition Complicity is enriched with texts by Roberto Donetta’s researchers and specialists such as Marco Franciolli, Gian Franco Ragno, Matthias Böhni, David Streiff, Peter Pfrunder et Antonio Mariotti. It also contains a conversation with Natsuko Uchino and Emanuele Coccia and texts by the exhibition curators Bice Curiger and Julia Marchand.




Authors: Bice Curiger, Julia Marchand, Margaux Bonopera, Marco Franciolli, Gian Franco Ragno, Matthias Böhni, David Streiff, Peter Pfrunder, Antonio Mariotti, Natsuko Uchino, Emanuele Coccia.
Format: 19,5 × 24,5 cm, 104 pages, 35 ill.
Bilingual edition (French / English)
Graphic design: Droit de Regard
Éditions Fondation Vincent van Gogh Arles
Published in July 2020
ISBN : 979-10-94966-26-6
Price : € 20

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