Talk: C is for Curator- Bice Curiger – A Life in Art

Bice Curiger – C is for Curator, A Life in Art

Talk with Bice Curiger & Dora Imhof

Tuesday 24 May at 5.30pm
Free Entrance

This biography by the art historian Dora Imhof illuminates the manifold activities of the curator, editor, and writer Bice Curiger. For the first time all of Curiger’s exhibitions are documented and analyzed in depth-from Frauen sehen Frauen (Zurich, 1975) to the 2011 Venice Biennale to her current projects at the Fondation Vincent van Gogh Arles.

Curiger’s trajectory is contextualized within the history of curating, the globalization of the art world, and the institutionalization of contemporary art over the last four decades. Statements by leading artists and fellow curators provide personal insights into Bice Curiger’s thinking and ongoing work.

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Available both in an English and German edition (only in English at the Fondation’s bookshop)

Dora Imhof is an art historian and art critic. Since 2021, she is scientific collaborator at the University of Zurich. 
She recently published Museum of the Future, The Private Museum of the Future and Museum of the Future Now What? (edited with Cristina Bechtler).

Author(s): Katharina Fritsch, Massimiliano Gioni, Kathy Halbreich, Thomas Hirschhorn, Dora Imhof, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Nicholas Serota, Philip Ursprung
Editor(s): Dora Imhof
Publisher: Franz und Walther König, Cologne
ISBN 9783753301464
Format: Hardback
Pages: 404
Illustrations: 80 colour, 129 b&w
Dimensions: 258mm x 182mm