lavier photo herve hote (7)

Bice Curiger, artistic director 
Julia Marchand, assistant curator 
Christine Joblet Taris, administrative director 
Nacéra Ouache, administrative assistant 
Béatrice Lavigne, accountant
Céline Lavigne, accounting assistant

Anne-Sophie Foron, visitors department
 and communications
Liza Marie Bru, ticketing agent
Marie Pellet, ticketing agent 
Sabrina Talaalachte, ticketing agent 

Sophie Viguier, educational programmes 
Monica Rambert, relations with visitors
Sara Guti
, mediator 
Marion Ley
, mediator 
Clémence Despois, mediator
Justine Tallon, mediator

Delphine Ménage, editorial manager
Alice Neurohr, editorial assistant

Laurent Eginard, development director 

Brigitte Varro, shop
Kaoutar El Khoudri, shop 
Florence Bon, shop

Daniel Gimenez-Frontin, technical director 

Guilhem Gavaudan, technical assistant 
Hakim Tayeb, technical agent 
Ahmed Moubtahij, technical agent

Andrée Ronjon, maintenance 
Najette Cheli, maintenance 
Isabelle Fournier, maintenance 
Magalie Cairello, maintenance 

Pierre Collet, press relations