The glass “box”

The transparent rectangular “box” situated on the first floor, directly above the Fondation entrance and overlooking the front courtyard, extends an invitation and a welcome to arriving visitors with its full-height glazed façade. The “suspended” space seems pierced from all sides – not only by the viewer’s gaze, but also by the rays of coloured light that spill across the whole of the façade and into the courtyard from the installation on the rooftop overhead, created by artist Raphaël Hefti.

PortailCour 4With a floor area of 80 m2, the glass “box” can accommodate a drinks reception for up to 100 guests or a conference for up to 50 (approx. seating limit). In the summer months the glass “box” can be hired in conjunction with the front courtyard (140 m2) or the first-floor patio (120 m2).