The artist laid bare

10 January 2018 - 2.00 PM to 4.00 PM

When artists reveal their innermost self through their work, they also challenge us to think about their status. What is an artist? What are the differences between a work of art and a work crafted by artisans? Let’s try and answer some of these challenging questions of art history.


Photo: Juergen Teller, Self-portrait, Plates/Teller No. 36, 2016. Unframed Giclee print, 279 x 419 cm. Courtesy of the artist © Juergen Teller


Tablet in hand, teens produce a series of mini-documentaries during which they share and compare their views on the exhibitions.

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: youngs from 11 to 14


: Wednesday from 2pm to 4pm


: 5 € per child


: Limited to 15 children



Reservation necessary, at least the day before,
by phone: 04 90 93 49 36
or at:

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