In 1888 Vincent van Gogh dreamed of sharing his lodgings in Arles with fellow painters from Paris and the local area, with the aim of creating a genuine, living studio.
From 2020 to 2023 Maja Hoffmann and the American artist Laura Owens organised and led the residency "Studio of the South" in a house on Rue du Cloître.
The Fondation Vincent van Gogh Arles is now inviting the 24 participants to come together in order to revisit this stage of their artistic journey.

Sat 1 Jun – 8 Sep 2024

Van Gogh and the Stars


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Fri 25 Feb 2022

Les Mots soufflés

Eric Mangion & Anne Le Troter

Talk on the theme of sound poetry and how it is archived, with Eric Mangion and Anne Le Troter. In conjunction with the “Arles se livre” Festival, the Fondation Vincent van Gogh Arles presents an event on the theme of […]

Wed 24 Mar 2021

Marin Fouqué: Magnésie

a performance inspired by Klara Lidén

Magnésie (vidéo, 29 min) A performance at the Fondation Vincent van Gogh Arles, Magnésie by the author and artist Marin Fouqué takes on the works in the exhibition My cartography: the Erling Kagge collection as well as the space itself, […]

Wed 5 Feb 2020

Talk by Camille Richert There are no lone images… ► Wednesday 5 February at 7pm Contemporary remanences of Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory by the Lumière brothers Works of art, writes art historian Hans Belting, produce in us effects of […]

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