Sat 28 Sep 2019

Instant collages

Borrowing one of the approaches that characterizes her own art, Éléonore Dadoit Cousin invites you to “revisit” photography and create the first sheets and collages of your own series. First photographic, the work will become multimedial, mixing painting, collage, drawing and writing in order to reinvent and manually appropriate the printed images.


A visual artist who studied visual arts at Aix-Marseille University and went on to acquire a wealth of experience in artistic and cultural activities in Paris, Éléonore Dadoit Cousin is a visual arts teacher and an educational liaison officer at the Lambert Collection in Avignon. Since 2013 she has lived and worked in Villeneuve-lès-Avignon, where she regularly exhibits her works, most recently in 2018 with a solo show at Saint-André Abbey.
For the past eight years, she has created a collage every week from the pages of ELLE magazine, in what has now become a time-honoured artistic ritual. In this series, entitled Elle m’inspire, she allows herself just three tools: scissors, glue and the ELLE issue of the week – and nothing else.