Sat 15 Jun 2019
14:00 – 17:00

Illustrated self-portrait

I like to say that illustrating is putting words into pictures; it is having a framework and enjoying yourself within in until you are ready to leave it, in complete freedom, without falsifying the subject but by enriching it. It is in this spirit that you will be invited to create an illustration: a portrait, your portrait, through an animal connected with the work of Niko Pirosmani.

Drawing, cutting out, playing with forms of expression, ways of seeing, with papers, colours, scissors… All these means will be at the service of your inner feeling, your emotions and your individuality. An original and singular translation will be born and will be combined as an adult-child duo into a diptych.


Pascale Breysse, a children’s illustrator and visual artist who has followed an atypical career, lives in her native Avignon. Her art mainly focuses on the living world, the link uniting humans and nature, and life in its holistic aspect. She draws inspiration from everyday life, from study, from poetry and, since 2013, from digital technology, which marked a turning point in her work as an illustrator. She has illustrated some twenty books and audio CDs for children; a new children’s book, 11 ours, will be published in September 2019 by L’Initiale.