Amandine Casadamont

Amandine Casadamont is a sound artist and radio creator. Ever since childhood, and thanks to a blind grandfather whose hearing was particularly precious, she has been interested in the medium of radio medium, and more specifically in the “open mic”. For more than twenty years, she has been making sound creations at the crossroads of radio play and performance. Often taking real life as her starting point, she infuses it with fiction, poetry and fantasy. Amandine Casadamont particularly likes to explore dangerous places, such as Fukushima or drug-trafficking zones in the Mexican desert, in order to capture what is invisible there.

In 2019 she became joint curator at the Musée Transitoire (Paris). Collaborating with several European radio stations, such as Deutschlandfunk Kultur, SRF and France Culture, she works as an author, producer and composer–including for the legendary Atelier de création radiophonique. She has won several international awards, including the sound documentary prize at the International Radio Biennial in Mexico (2012) and the Phonurgia prize for radio sound art (2015) and was nominated for the Sound Art category at the New York Festival (2016).


  • Event: “Carte blanche to Amandine Casadamont & Reeve Schumacher”, as part of the RDV du son (19.01.2020)