Charlotte Laubard

Charlotte Laubard is an art historian and curator, and currently directs the Department of Visual Arts at the Haute École d’Art et de Design de Genève School of Art and Design, where she has been teaching since 2013. She was head of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bordeaux from 2006 to 2014. Her research focuses on self-learning practices, the agency and use-value of art, and the impact of technology on creation. Her latest writings on the artists Georges Adéagbo, Roberto Cuoghi and Wendy Vainity, an amateur user of animation software, argue for a critical rereading and new theoretical approach to self-taught art practices. She is preparing a major exhibition on this subject at the Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain in Saint-Etienne, to be held in 2021.


  • Publication: The Autodidacts: from Van Gogh to Pirosmani, symposium proceedings, 2021
  • Symposium: “The Autodidacts: from Van Gogh to Pirosmani” (20-21.09.2019)