Jean-Christophe Bailly

Jean-Christophe Bailly is the author of a body of work that spans many fields of writing: poetry, essays, stories, travel journals and theater. For many years he has directed the “Détroits” collection of the publishing house Christian Bourgois and a collection of art history at Hazan. He is also the author of numerous prefaces and several monographs on contemporary artists and photographers (most recently: Ismaïl Bahri, Delphine Wibaux, Thibaut Cuisset).

From his friendship with the painter Gilles Aillaud are born several writings, including texts for D’après nature – Encyclopédie de tous les animaux y compris les minéraux, later taken up in L’Oiseau Nyiro (La Dogana, 1991). He opens his thinking to the animal and its approach in several books, Le Versant animal (Bayard, 2007) and Le Parti pris des animaux (Bourgois, 2013). Among his recent books are L’Instant et son ombre (Seuil, 2008), Le Dépaysement, voyages en France (Seuil, Prix Décembre, 2011) and finally Tuiles détachées (Bourgois, 2018) and Saisir (Seuil, 2018).


  • Event: Conference around the exhibition Jean-Luc Mylayne. The Autumn of Paradise (07.02.2019)