Michel Auder

Michel Auder, born in Soissons, France, has lived in New York since 1969. With his short videos, the filmmaker has established a raw and poetic aesthetic which bases itself on accidental and unexpected events and thus trusts in improvisation and the beauty of chance. At the heart of his work are the people close to him: observed in the course of their daily lives, his friends share their personal experiences and points of view in a spontaneous manner.

Michel Auder was one of the first filmmakers to work with the Sony Portapak. This ground-breaking portable video recorder, which he started using in 1969, allowed him to develop an intimate, video-diary style of filming. Turning his gaze upon the people around him and upon the universes in which they live, he creates touching, sincere portraits devoid of artifice.

Michel Auder’s videos have been exhibited in numerous museums and institutions in the United States and in Europe.


  • Event: screening of Michel Auder’s videos (6-11.07.2015)
  • Event: Michel Auder in conversation with Bice Curiger, as part of the “Van Gogh Live !” (08.07.2015)