Reeve Schumacher

Born in 1981 in Minneapolis in the United States, Reeve Schumacher completed a fine arts degree at the University of Miami before moving to Arles in 2010. There he co-founded LHOSTE, an alternative space dedicated to contemporary art and experimental sound. A visual artist and musician, he performs and exhibits internationally. He has also produced three albums, including Waste Land (2015), based on T.S. Eliot’s poem of the same title.

His Sonic Braille project lies halfway between art and music. Using a precision knife, Schumacher makes incisions on vinyl records in order to manufacture new sounds by hand. Like a finger reading Braille, the needle of the record-player translates these relief markings into sounds. Described by the artist as “art-brut-techno”, this new music allows Reeve Schumacher to transcend genres.