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The Hawks and the Sparrows (1966)

A film by Pier Paolo Pasolini

Wed 25 Jan 2023
19:00 – 20:30

Considered by Pier Paolo Pasolini to be his “freest and purest” film, The Hawks and the Sparrows is a complete break from the serious and tragic tone of his three previous feature films.

In this political fable, which claims to be as much Roberto Rossellini’s Eleven Fioretti of Francis of Assisi as Laurel and Hardy’s slapstick comedy, Pasolini shows the impossible dialogue between the intellectual and the people. His film is thus an acerbic critique of “left intellectuals” that are incapable of grasping popular aspirations.
A film of great formal simplicity, The Hawks and the Sparrows nevertheless remains eminently personal for its author through the themes of Marxism and Catholicism that run through his entire work. Alongside the debutant Ninetto Davoli, Pasolini’s future favourite actor, Totò’s comedic genius shines through here.
The Hawks and the Sparrows is a philosophical comedy that stands out in Pasolini’s filmography.

A short presentation on Pasolini’s cinematographic work will be given by Laura Vichi before the screening.
Laura Vichi has a doctorate in theatre and film studies from the University of Bologna in Italy. She teaches film history and is the director of L’Usine aux Images, an association for education in the visual arts.

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