Event | My Van Gogh

Mon 22 Jun 2015
19:30 – 00:00

Throughout the year, Bice Curiger invites prominent figures from the world of the arts to talk about an aspect of the life and work of Vincent van Gogh that holds particular meaning for them.

still-life-vase-with-oleanders-and-booksVincent, mad about literature

Among all the passions that inspired Van Gogh, one of the earliest, most enduring and most ardent was his love of literature. His letters bears frequent witness to this, as does his painting, which on several occasions takes literature as its central or partial motif.
We shall try to understand what served to spark and fuel such a passion in the case of an artist who was also, if not a writer, a man for whom writing was an activity inseparable from that of reflecting upon his life and his work as an artist. 

Writer, poet, and qualified philosophy teacher, Pierre Parlant is the author of numerous critical essays, non-fiction prose and poetic texts. His most recent publications include Les courtes habitudes – Nietzsche à Nice (2014), Exposer l’inobservable (2014) and Ciel déposé (2015).