Tue 6 Mar – Fri 9 Mar 2018
10:00 – 16:00


Starting from a work of art, from several works of art, make a dream and have fun constructing a short story.

I had a dream… that’s how it starts.

This workshop is about putting the dream into words and movements, about speaking it alone or in a chorus, and about giving your imagination free rein. To help us dream, we shall be using some of the tools of theatre and calling upon the music of the accordion, and perhaps upon other sounds and recordings. We shall also spend time exploring the imagination of the artists… What was in the back of their minds? And then we shall return to our stories to imagine and dream a wandering in music. And… sing.

Based in Arles since 2009, the L’Isba collective shares its love of words, music-making, speech and theatre with the public. Its work draws upon texts, but equally upon human experiences, memories and differences. This desire to restore space to the spoken word and to share it translates into numerous workshops held both at the local level and in conjunction with Arles’ cultural institutions. Founders Catherine Krajewski, actress and drama teacher, François De Bortoli, sound composer and technical director, and Jean-François Veran, author/composer/performer, were soon joined by other “inventors”, who reinforce and enlarge the collective over the course of its productions, opening it ever wider to sounds and voices from outside.



Photo : Pixabay, CC0