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Marin Fouqué: Magnésie

a performance inspired by Klara Lidén

Wed 24 Mar 2021

Magnésie (vidéo, 29 min)

A performance at the Fondation Vincent van Gogh Arles, Magnésie by the author and artist Marin Fouqué takes on the works in the exhibition My cartography: the Erling Kagge collection as well as the space itself, which the artist shapes and reshapes with his voice and body as he moves around. Magnésie, performed without the presence of a live audience, clearly aims to strip off the layers of a world in disintegration. The recording of the performance is inspired by Klara Lidén’s film Column Monkey: a work from 2013 in which a person clings to the column of a derelict building until exhaustion sets in …

A native of Seine-et-Marne, just east of Paris, Marin Fouqué saw his first novel, entitled 77, published by Actes Sud in August 2019. Praised by the press and honoured with several awards, the book is rooted in the brutality of our times and written in a style marked by the spoken word that attests to the author’s love of French songs, sound poetry and rap. A former warehouse worker and rapper, Marin Fouqué is a veteran of the stage – sometimes a sound poet, always a performer. Since 2015 he has led workshops in which contemporary and classic writing meet, collide, entwine, fuse and resonate. His second novel, G.A.V., which takes place in a police station in his adopted home of Seine-Saint-Denis, will also be published by Actes Sud. A third book, Amer, vagabondage en terres vagues, is in development.

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Biography of Marin Fouqué

Originally from Seine-et-Marne, Marin Fouqué published his first novel, 77, in August 2019 with Actes Sud. Noted by the press and awarded various prizes, this book, which exhibits a writing style marked by orality, has its roots in the brutality of our times as well as in the author’s love of French song, sound poetry…

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