Event | My Van Gogh

Tue 15 Mar 2016
19:00 – 00:00

Throughout the year, Bice Curiger invites prominent figures from the world of the arts to talk about an aspect of the life and work of Vincent van Gogh that holds particular meaning for them.

Vincent: on first-name terms with Van Gogh’s heritage

2015.03.30 19h33

In Neil Haas’ studio, on 30 March 2015. Photo credit: Joël Riff

Joël Riff will be talking about Vincent van Gogh’s heritage, as he encounters it in the work of contemporary artists.

“Van Gogh regularly crops up on my visits, whether to exhibitions or studios. Just last week, for example, on discovering the new workspace of the painter Jean-Baptiste Bernadet in Brussels; in the same city a few hours later, resonating in the recent pictures by Sergej Jensen; in south London, while chatting with Neil Haas, who reproduces Pointillist landscapes on cardboard cartons; in a small house on the outskirts of Paris, with Nadia Agnolet, who was setting up a large, flamboyant screen there for a few days; and at Tourcoing in the collection of Eugène Leroy, elegantly embodied in his museum (the MUBa”. »

Joël Riff is a curator and the editor of the online art chronicle Curiosité. Based in London, he teaches in Paris and works at the Moly-Sabata Résidence d’artistes run by the Albert Gleizes Foundation. Since 2004 he has made it a rule to visit at least one exhibition a day in order better to archive and then share the very latest in art.